Time for a re-boot

For those who follow me, this is redundant.  For those  who may have been searching for the latest  fitness tips that predicate the NEW YEAR NEW YOU SYNDROME, let me introduce myself.


I am a registered nurse, as well as an American College of Sports Medicine personal trainer.  There are many  who do the same, BUT I WRITE–a lot.  I’m not a face book fit mom, a mommy blog, nor am I an Instagram/selfie stereotype.  If that’s what you’re into, then this is probably not for you.

But if you are looking for content, and meaty content, read on.   Why do I do what I do?  Simple, well maybe not.

My field of expertise lies in the renal care field, or dialysis, prior to doing what I do today.  What is renal care? Dialysis?  Dialysis in short, is for those who have little to no substantive kidney function.  Your kidneys control your blood pressure, as well as filter toxins.  If they are unable to perform their duties, dialysis is needed.  Dialysis in not a cure; nor does it take the place of your kidneys.  It simply buys time.  Time for what?  Hopefully a kidney transplant.  However that can mean months to years for many.

So…back to why I do what I do.  I tired of working at the “opposite end of the spectrum.”  I no longer wanted to “patch up.”  I wanted to put a road block up to the number 1 and number 2 precursors of kidney failure–HYPERTENSION & DIABETES.   If you are of African American descent regardless of your other ethnicities, these precursors stand in correct order.  If you are Hispanic, Native American or Caucasian, then reverse them.  Either way, they are highly preventable.

That’s it in a semi-coated nutshell.  It is why I left my field to start this business venture.  There are those who believe I must be raking in business as a nurse & personal trainer hand over fist.  I also started taking on clients who are on a plethora of medications, as well as facing a host of health challenges–such as post cardiac rehab.  But this for me is not about money.  If it were, I would’ve stopped long ago.  I do wish business was better.  I do wish I had more clients.  It would be great to have over 20K followers.  But what I may lack in numbers or followers is what I more than make up for in content.

No you won’t see me posing in my sports bra & tight workout gear.  Or shaming those who are not into being a size 4.  What will you see in this coming year?

  1.  Added content–not just “eat this not that” crap.  Content which reflects real life challenges such as cancer and recovery
  2. Added podcasts–I delved into doing podcasts this past year.  Will being upping my game on that
  3. Cleaner layout
  4. More online presence

That’s just a few of the tidbits I have on tap for 2020.  After all, this is supposed to be the year of seeing clearly.  Well, guess it time for me to be seen.


All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

Comments?  Contact me at serrenity.c@gmail.com



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