Jim’s Journey 2–A tale of 2 surgeries

Jim is a client of mine who earlier in the year, underwent quadruple bypass surgery. This, after visiting a surgery center for an outpatient cataract procedure. This is where his “journey” began.

A FIB. That was all he recalled after being hooked up to a monitor prior to this surgery. He then was told to schedule a stress test as well as an ECG. He was also to undergo an angiogram. This was slated to be outpatient. What was supposed to be a procedure which at its latest, meant an overnight stay in the hospital, turned into 10 days; followed by an additional two weeks in a rehab center, after quadruple bypass surgery.

If you haven’t listened to part 1, it is among my posts in May. His journey has more twists & turns than a Film Noir plot. The only thing stranger than fiction is fact. This is part two of his story.

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