Working out isn’t working…it takes a village

healthy living waterfall Most of us have heard the expression “it takes a village.”  However, it is most often used in conjunction with child rearing.  A parent myself, I tend to agree.

Yet it is applicable in many instances; diet and exercise not withstanding.

Those who follow my blog realize I write “What’s in my toolbox?” posts.  These are exercises I find helpful to keep excess weight at bay.  Again, regular readers know I believe it takes a village.

Before I reiterate my regimen, I want to call your attention to this.  “How you can benefit from combination Mind/Body, Agility, Strength, and High Intensity Interval Training.”  This worthwhile article can be found at

I’ve always believed differential thinking yields differential results. The above article highlights just that.  In nursing, it is called “evidence based practice.”  So what’s the evidence here?  You be the judge.

If your weight loss is stalling, or has stalled, perhaps your body is saying “change things up a bit.”  I find 2-3 days of running/or a high intensity workout like INSANITY gives me results.  However, it is counterbalanced with 2-3 days of parts of BALLET BOOTCAMP, or M.H. Bowers BALLET BEAUTIFUL.  The leg exercises in the Bower’s dvd, rival the intensity (in a different way of course) of INSANITY or any HIIT workout.  Don’t let the short vignettes fool you.  You’ll never feel so accomplished, or relieved, when 15 minutes comes to an end.  If you are looking to challenge your posture, not to mention every muscle in your body, BALLET BOOTCAMP Center Barre segment fits the bill.  Yes, there is a little choreography; but it is performed slowly.  The segments following however, labeled “Phrases,” are for those who possess a ballet background–at least from my perspective.  But they’re fun to try.

If intermittent stiffness is your issue (I can sympathize), hot yoga may be helpful.  It can help relieve tight muscles, as well as utilize those you may not know you had.  No hot yoga near you?  No problem.  Invest in a yoga dvd of your choice, or select one from the myriads on You-Tube.  Turn your thermostat up to about 90 or 95–and go at it.  Most yoga practices are about 45 minutes to an hour; so it shouldn’t overburden your heating bill.

In the quest to lose or maintain weight, remember this:  plateaus are multi-focal.  They are not simply nutritional or exertional.  It is your body’s attempt to regain composure, after all you are put it through with diet and exercise.  That doesn’t mean plateaus cannot be overcome; they can.  Knowing what to do, when to do it, and how can help.  Nothing though, substitutes for a well-trained ear attuned to what your body is saying.  This “listening ear,” like many endeavors, takes time to cultivate.  Once you do however, you will find it is well worth the time spent.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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