Judging me judging you…

healthy living waterfall No one is immune–we all have the occasional bout (some more frequent than others) of Comparitis.  We may even suffer from the none too evasive symptoms which complement it–Superior Fit-zures.  Not too worry–the signs and symptoms are blatant; and the disease very treatable.  Like a strong dose of castor oil without the teaspoon of sugar, I am here to help those plagued by this highly communicable disease.

The websites I use for information for my blog meet with scrutiny.  The information must be timely, reliable, and understandable to those outside of the medical profession.  Few meet with all three criteria.  Though I shouldn’t be surprised, I found myself taken aback by commentary under an article from a site I frequent.

The article itself was well-written and expressed thought-provoking ideas.  Some commenting–not so much.

Most extolled the virtues of organically grown fruit and vegetables.  Nothing wrong with that.  However, one went on to elaborate about the girth of backsides of those shopping at discount food chains.  Another chimed in about how she bought a mango for a child begging for one, only to have the mother throw it to the ground.  While I appreciate her sentiments, I can also understand how that mother must have felt.

Few of us who are mothers or fathers, would deny our children food.  Whether you are a married or single parent, if you are feeding more than three mouths excluding yourself, discount food chains may not be an option.  They are probably a staple.  Organically grown produce is a luxury.  One in which my family does not partake.

Yes–I am one of those discount food chain shoppers.  But more to the point–does my backside meet the commentator’s criteria?  Last time I bought workout capris and yoga pants (1 week ago) one was a size small, the other an x-small.  However, I forgot to mention his comment about the fat children in tow.  Well–here we go.  My son is 5′ 8″ and weighs a whopping 130 pounds.

The mango issue not withstanding, though I do understand the mother, who are we to judge?  Does this Comparitis empower you?  Or are you afraid that might be you one day–shopping a food chain with barely enough for TV dinners?

If you live in a community where obesity and fresh food is an issue–do something instead of judging someone.  If you are a trainer–volunteer some hours.  It’s how I started as a trainer; and still do.  Gave me great experience, and built my confidence transitioning to a new profession.  Even if you feel you don’t possess this expertise, mentor a child.  Teach him/her about nutrition.  My mom’s favorite saying was “give a child a fish, he’ll eat for a day.  Teach him how to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime.”  If the child/and or family understands the importance of diet and exercise, your efforts will not be in vain–and more to the point; your mango will not end up on the floor.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

Need my tips for shopping on a budget, but buying healthy?  Contact me at serrenity.c@gmail.com

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