Detox 360

hair out of H20My clients are those most personal trainers would not seek.  However, as a registered nurse, my background is helpful in meeting their unique challenges.

Few are interested in detox.  Yet when I explain “my take” on detox and “master cleanse,” interest is sparked.

As I wrote in my previous post, “Clean up your act..” detox to me is more than a 3-10 day enema.  It must begin with how you view yourself, and then may end with cleansing your body.

Eradicating negativity is an essential beginning.  You may not be able to rid yourself entirely of a toxic environment.  You can change your response to it.  You can also choose not to be a part of it.   Unlike a little cayenne pepper and lemon juice for your body, this is more than a brief stint.  It is a lifelong process; definitive in rerouting and re-wiring balance.

You want a better body?  Start with a balanced life.  How do you do this?  There is no “one size fits all” answer.  However, I believe awareness of need is the first step.  Have you ever considered your body is a reflection of that awareness, or lack thereof?  You’ve no doubt heard “you are what you eat.”  If it were only that simple.

Food and fluids are essential to life.  Equally so, is preparedness.  Being prepared to meet the stressors of everyday living requires “tools.”  What are yours?  Do you know when to use them?  As any apprentice can tell you, knowing which tool to use, is as important as having the right one to use.


1.  Eating should not be a recreational activity.  Food is a requirement; not a hobby or a pacifier.  Most of us outgrew pacifiers at the infant/toddler stage.  No need for a substitute now.

2.  Stress is a necessary part of life; and a teacher.  Stress is not always bad.  Unfortunately, it usually causes a cascade reaction, which ends up making us miserable.  It reverberates physiological and psychological changes, many of which we can control.  We choose to leave the situation if possible.  We remind ourselves of the impermanence of it.  We can solve.

3.  Response.  There is always a certain amount of trepidation when facing the unknown, hostile, or frustrating.  We all share these feelings, and few if any are totally immune.  The question becomes–now what?  Again, it’s the “then what” that intrigues me most.

Most of us have our own ways of dealing with stress.  The question becomes–how’s that working for you?  If not too well–time to cleanse.

As stated earlier, I don’t believe in a monochromatic remedy for balancing life’s circumstances.  We are all different–and while one may choose meditation and quiet time, another may choose a strenuous workout.

Me?  I need a combo plate.

Quiet time for me is a solo run.  It has and continues to help me keep sane on many an insane work day.  It is my balance between eastern style meditation and strenuous workouts.  However, running is not my only tool for handling stress.  Removing myself–whether physically or mentally (or both) from a situation, is tantamount to keeping my balance.  While it may not be easy, I have learned to empathize, yet de-materialize.  I am no service to anyone, if I can’t provide the best possible “me” to “you.”  This requires due diligence, just like caring for a client or a patient.

I have also found that understanding I am not “blotting paper” for the world is crucial.  Empathy? Yes.  Sympathy?  Yes.  Sounding Board–maybe.  Blotting paper–absolutely not.  Again you are of no use to anyone, if you inter and interpret their difficulties as your own.

Detox 360.  Yes, there’s a little more to this than herbal supplements inducing loose stools and flatulence.  If you were looking for the latest trend on a simple body cleanse; sorry to disappoint.  But as the title suggests–we are talking 360.

This is the second installment of my idea of a “master cleanse.”  More to follow.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.    Questions?  Comments?  Contact me at






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