Detox 360–are we there yet?

meditation in the nudeCleaning up your act.  Not for the faint of heart.

The real question is–are you ready?  Better yet–how ready are you?  Commitments are dangerous ground to tread The very nature of the word implies “something you have to stick to.”

Both in my career as a nurse, now as a nurse personal trainer, I now know what separates want from need.  Patients want to improve their outcomes.  Clients want to lose weight and exercise.  When “need” enters the equation, that’s where that dangerous ground is finally tread.  That need may prompt nutritional coaching after a cardiac event, and the required dedication which follows.  “Lose weight and stop smoking, or you could suffer another stroke.”  Not only does this statement necessitate commitment, it is an ultimatum.

Even if your health is not in question, is your lifestyle?  If so, time to cleanse.


If you read “Clean up your act,” as well as “Detox 360,” you realize for me, cleansing is more than a brief stint on herbal smoothies.  This detox takes time, a little introspection, and a lot of hootsba.

You should now understand that detox is a lifestyle, not a one week starvation or a jumpstart enema.  At this point, eradicating–or at least mitigating pollutants from your life, is a top priority.  It may have meant rethinking your social circle.  Perhaps now, you leave the scene of the latest workplace gossip, when previously you would have stayed.  Maybe there is a 2 second pause, before giving that intellectual, but snarky response.  Looking in the mirror may not be the fault-finding expedition it once was.

If this part of your detox is well underway, now its time to take your body there.

How?  Great question.  My take on what works, next post.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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